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Multi-Media Box Series TX-MMB-400

Multi-Media Box Series TX-MMB-400
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The series multi-media box is that the intelligence is each home weak electricity system the multi-media integration information at family box, adopt dark pack a form, mold piece to turn structure, the box cover is more an engineering plastics for the environmental protection, the function is stronger, external appearance beauty generous. It can install cabled T. V. /data/speech to connect line mold piece, public security supervision to connect the line mold piece, breadth to take the network commutation machine, breadth to take mold pieces, such as router and the power...Etc...

1. Five PCS 10M, UTP/STP, and RJ45 port
2. One cascade UOlink port can be used to cascade
3. Mini steel shell, external power; Plug and play, using CSMA, CD agreement, star topology structure
4. Automatic self-check function hubs.
5. This product applied for line connection and distribution in home, office, hotel telephone, computer, TV and so on.

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